What I found most helpful: Having the refresher on the techniques was definitely helpful. Most helpful are the videos – especially with horses that are trickier.

What I Experienced: Lots of great experiences. I worked on many horses that have significant poll and neck issues and resist touch. I really like the use of “air gap” as a way to break through some of these issues. The lateral rocking so nice for many horses that are otherwise pretty braced. Withers wiggle great for horses with sore feet I observed. The Head up probably the most tricky for me as so many of the horses had trouble trusting this.

My “ahha” moments: The most “ahha” moment I had had to do with the lateral flexion technique. The concept of softening when they start to brace takes good timing. Once I got that right it was super cool to see how well the technique worked.

I would Recommend this course because: Anyone with a horse should take this course. You will notice things about your horse you never did before and the horse will love being able to have an open dialogue with you. Definitely improves your horse/human relationship and your horse will thank you for the physical benefits as well.