What I found most helpful: I like that the workbook is a great summary and easy to take to the barn.

What I Experienced: The amount of visual relaxation was very encouraging. Working on my own horses has helped me build confidence in using the techniques without wondering how a strange horse, with unknown pain or restrictions, might react.

My “ahha” moments: When I worked on horses in the 5-day course, it seemed to take longer for them to relax a hip. With my own horses, it came sooner. I interpreted that to be due to the horse’s trust in the person, from previous handling. I expect as one works on new horses, over time, they come to trust and relax sooner, making the sessions even more productive.

I would Recommend this course because: I would say that it is a valuable tool that is easy enough to learn to help your horses release tension and increase or maintain their overall comfort.