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Level One Equine Musculo-Skeletal Performance Anatomy Course



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Level One Equine Musculo-Skeletal Performance Anatomy with Health Parameters, Performance Injuries and Treatments.

This is so much more than a course in memorizing anatomical structures. Students completing this course will have deeply explored four terrific texts that will become career-long useful references for the equine bodyworker while developing skills of observation and description in practical field exercises. From beginners with limited equine knowledge to experienced equestrians and bodywork practitioners there is something for everyone. The emphasis is on taking anatomy to the field and locating structures on actual horses while also introducing students to the range of injuries that are common in performance horses and some of the treatment modalities used to help them. The course is self-paced and assignments are graded online with instant feedback, with the exception of the field assignments, which receive individual instructor review and comments. The course instructor is available for questions by phone or email.

What students are saying:

“Just to say that your course info is AMAZING!!!!! Can’t imagine the amount of work that went into it.” Phil, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you, Lisa! I thoroughly enjoyed the coursework. The homework exposed me to different aspects of equine performance and health-related information. If you plan on a next level of coursework, please let me know. I would be interested in taking part of it once I finish up the Masterson field work.” Lori, Wisconsin, USA

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