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Equine Anatomy and Health Considerations Online Course


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The anatomy course is offered by our affiliate Avalon Performance Horse and Rider Support.  Once your order is processed, you will be manually enrolled by Avalon on their website and emailed with your login instructions to the course.  This will be accomplished within a 24 hour period.  If for some reason you don’t receive login instructions please contact Lisa Haldane at

Equine Anatomy and Health Considerations

This is an introductory online, self-paced course in equine anatomy with the addition of very useful information on horse health, normal vital signs and warning signs for when to call the vet, information on how the horse’s body moves, how muscles work together, and basic information on physiology and conditioning.

The course is based on three textbooks (sold separately): Horse Anatomy for Performance by Gillian Higgins, The Horse Anatomy Workbook by Maggie Raynor, and The Horse Conformation Handbook by Heather Smith Thomas.

Horse Anatomy for Performance is a very well-illustrated book that makes study enjoyable and easy to understand.  It covers much more than anatomy, taking the study towards an understanding of how the horse functions and moves, providing information on how to provide support in the competitive environment.

The Horse Anatomy Workbook is an excellent anatomical resource and uses coloring and labeling exercises to help students better absorb and retain the information presented.  It will become a go-to part of the student’s reference library.

The Horse Conformation Handbook presents conformation in the context of function, discussing how different conformational issues will affect performance, as well as the types of conformation that are desirable in different sporting events.

In addition to the textbooks, there are several articles included with additional information from well-respected sources related to equine health and lameness issues.

This course is suitable for horse owners, veterinary technicians, equine body workers, horse trainers, and anyone desiring to work in the equine industry.  The format is self-paced, independent online study and must be completed within a 12 month time-frame.  It is estimated that the time commitment will be approximately 75 hours.

Anatomy Course Required books (SOLD SEPARATELY – add to cart via links below):


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