Horse Anatomy for Performance

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Examine the anatomy of a horse from an entirely different perspective. This intriguing and original explanation of the 11 internal body systems shows them painted on the outside to describe everything on the inside. The horse is a highly sophisticated living organism, thus to enable him to reach his full athletic performance and give him a happy, healthy quality of life it is vital to understand both his capabilities and limitations within the context of his structure and function. Gillian Higgins turns her trademark technique of painting internal diagrams directly onto live horses to show how all the systems work, and work together, to influence performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Divided into 12 chapters, Horse Anatomy for Performance combines high quality photographs and intricate paintings with top tips and fascinating facts to provide a practical and useful guide to horse anatomy. Visually appealing, original and easily understandable, the book explains how anatomy influences the way we manage, ride and train our horses. This book is a sequel to How Your Horse Moves by Gillian Higgins, and together provide a comprehensive guide to horse anatomy in action.

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