Atlas of the Equine Musculoskeletal System

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A Practical Guide for Equine Bodyworkers

Effective equine body-workers listen to the horse’s body with skilled hands, following the detected issues – which might be pain, resistance, spasms, tightness or lost elasticity – to their source. It is very important to know which structures their hands are following, how the structures truly look and function, how they are layered and how they may be physiologically connected to neighboring structures. This information is now available in the Atlas of the Equine Musculoskeletal System, a visual guide that offers equine body-workers a clear picture of what lies beneath the skin.

With emphasis on the visual, this book is composed of photographs of live horses in different postures and phases of movement, some augmented with superimposed images of bones and muscles, as well as photographs of dissected fresh cadavers revealing the many interacting layers of muscle and connective tissue, all the way to the skeletal system. Five chapters dedicated to individual body parts are complete with photographs of common Areas of Concern such as stifle, shoulder and hyoid region, showing their complexity.  Together with simple charts, these photographs give the reader an unmistakable understanding of muscle and joint location, function, size, relationship and more.

Written by a veterinarian who found her passion in equine bodywork and anatomy, this atlas will be of lasting value to professionals and body-workers of different disciplines, and will also be fascinating for those equine enthusiasts who would simply like to learn more about the horse’s body.

Author: Ivana Ruddock-Lange

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