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Meet Your New Best Friends

Conley Wright 

Advanced 5-Day Coordinator, General Administration

Conley has been here since the beginning of The Masterson Method®. She has helped grow the Seminar business and assisted at every Video shoot. She is the “head cook and bottle washer” of this organization.

Conley has been ridden and shown; Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing and continues to enjoy trail riding. Conley’s horse, Primo, was used in the Dressage Horse Optimized book and was the star in the Light to the Core Video. Conley’s horse, Raindrop, is well known for the Phase II videos given out after the Advanced 5-Day course.

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Jo Bartruff 

Seminar Support

You will find Jo Bartruff in the Masterson Method office Monday through Friday. Her duties are many, but she’s mainly responsible for processing product orders and course registrations.

As a kid, Jo was obsessed with horses. At one point, with the help of her neighborhood “gang,” she saved up five whole dollars so they could buy a pony to share. So that never happened. She is now content with painting horses instead, along with other things. As an “older than average adult student”, Jo studied eastern religions at Iowa State University, and has lived in Iowa most of her life, except for a couple of brief stints in Wyoming and Missouri.

For 12 years, Jo was an instructor of Iyenger hatha yoga, and, who knows, she may go back to that one day. She has worked in an office most of her life, but her real dream was always to be either a jazz singer or a stand-up comedian.

When she’s not at the office, or caring for her elderly mom, Jo loves to take long walks, paint with pastels, and watch movies. If you’re interested, you can check out her art on her Facebook page under J.C. Norris and click on Photos.

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Tamara Kulow 

Marketing and Event Architect

Tamara joined the Masterson team in September 2016 as Marketing and Event Architect. She is the primary contact for individuals wishing to host a seminar-workshop or promote their Masterson Method® seminar, as well as organizer of expo events.
Professionally, she comes to us with a toolbox chock-full of experience in the human resources recruiting, office operations, and investment management worlds, and has also been known to practice Transcendental Meditation, instruct chi gong, dance a swing, salsa, or two-step, and host blessings group at her house every Tuesday evening.  Having kept journals since age 5, she freelance writes periodically, and has poetry and other errata published on various outlets throughout the web.  She is also vegan, belongs to a number of Star Trek groups, and has one Star Trek convention under her belt.  The name of her next horse will, of course, be Scotty.

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Kaitlin Uehling 

Social Media, Assistant to the Founder

Kait moves all of the keys to orchestrate our social media symphony. Usually with a coffee in hand and a cheery spirit, she comes into the office Monday through Friday. She posts on all of our Social Media sites and gives Customer Support through emails and phone calls.  Kait is also Jim’s Personal Assistant, helping him with projects as needed.

With a gypsy soul, Kait loves to travel. Always learning from the experiences around her, she loves to find herself in new environments. Seeing the adventure in the smallest tasks, she is optimistic and joyful. She has a great love for the beautiful, magnificent creatures that are horses. They have taught her much in different periods of her life and she is excited to enjoy time with them whenever the opportunity arises.

A natural seeker of knowledge, life, and spirit; Kait enjoys dancing, yoga, moving with life and the breath, meditating, rocks and crystals, flowers, trees, mountains, nature, and anything that brings brightness to her life.

If there is only one moment, make this one beautiful.

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Kelsey McDade

Seminar Support

Kelsey, originally from Madison, Wisconsin, is a recent University graduate here in Fairfield, Iowa. She joined the Masterson Method team in May 2017, bringing years of experience in customer service, retail and office life. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her dog in various natural settings, watching movies and traveling whenever possible.

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Lori Thompson 

MMCP, Field Work Coordinator

Lori Thompson’s background as an IT professional and a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner gives her the ability to assist in various office programs, promote the Masterson Method in geographic areas that are unfamiliar with this modality, and follow up with students participating in the suite of Masterson Method educational programs.

When Lori is not at Masterson Equine Services, she works at her own business as a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner covering Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. She participates in ACTHA events and does volunteering at an equine therapy stable. When not involved with horses, she volunteers for a hospice program visiting patients.

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Weda Boolos 


Weda is our in-house accountant and is in the office usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After years of beach living in Florida, California & Hawaii, this Mississippi born wanderer settled down in Iowa…of all places, and now wouldn’t consider living any place else. Though new to the horse world, she is a born animal lover with a history of multiple dogs, cats, birds, one monkey and a goat – not to mention her aquariums and Japanese koi pond. Weda’s years of accounting experience has been dotted with various other livelihoods too numerous to mention, but now she is happy just taking care of Masterson’s finances and living the sweet, simple, small town Iowa life.

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