Lori has been an important part of the success of The Masterson Method® since 2015, with a brief hiatus starting in 2018. She returned in 2023 to help organize and formalize the Masterson Canine program, and continues to help the team with organization, structure, streamlining processes, and communication.

Lori certified as a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner Equine in 2014. In 2015, Lori helped in the office, identifying, organizing, and streamlining the flow of information between the different departments.  She served as the Fieldwork Coordinator, organizing and adding consistency in processes and communication, and providing technical support for students, mentors, and instructors in the Fieldwork program. She followed up with Weekend Course students to ensure the course offerings were meeting student expectations, and helped Masterson team members organize their backlog of work so they could become laser-focused on finishing projects. (If you visited the headquarters during that time, you would have seen colorful sticky notes on the office walls in various stages of work-in-process. You may have also heard a cow bell ring when a team member celebrated moving their task sticky to the “Done” column!)

In 2018, with the Fieldwork program running smoothly, Lori handed off those responsibilities and took time away from in-office work.  Since 2020, Lori has been teaching Weekend Courses and Coaching Fieldwork students.

If you have received any emails from Lori, you may have noticed the tongue-in-cheek humorous job title that resonates strongly with her:  Organizer of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity.