Megan Dushin is the IT / Project Manager and MMCP Liaison for Masterson Equine Services. Megan grew up on a horse farm in New York State that was the headquarters of one of the earliest United States Pony Clubs established in the US in the 1950s. She competed at the national level and taught riding from a young age. In college, Megan left the horse world and studied body-based therapies and movement modalities and has continued to explore mindfulness and the body. Discovering The Masterson Method® has brought new meaning to her interest in mindfulness, the body, and connecting with horses.

Megan also has a background in IT, project management, and communications, which prepares her well for managing operations and supporting MMCPs. Her academic and experiential background in equine-assisted learning and therapy programs prepares her for coordinating the Masterson Method Equine Specialist program, as well.

When not at her computer, Megan enjoys connecting with and serving horses with The Masterson Method®, exploring movement and body-based therapies, and raising two teenagers with her husband in Minnesota.