Bodywork with Rudy, a Thoroughbred

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In these two video recordings, first watch Jim do a full bodywork session with Rudy, a 23-year old Thoroughbred (39 min.), and then listen to his follow-up Q&A call with the Hands Online Members in 2021 (1 hr. 23 min.). Rudy raced as a 4- and 5-year old. Rudy has been diagnosed with “kissing spines” which is overriding or impinging dorsal spinous processes. Watch how Jim works with Rudy using slow-motion to catch the nuances of this subtle bodywork, and hear his wise and (sometimes) humorous responses to questions about this bodywork session.

These videos are available to anyone interested in improving their bodywork, whether you’re new to The Masterson Method® or a seasoned practitioner. When you buy this product, you can access the videos from your computer or mobile device under the My Account area of this website.


How does Jim deal with the different horses he works with and the variety of issues that they have?

This is one of 12 sessions in the Hands Online Bodywork Session Reviews Library where Jim works with a variety of horses and discusses them afterwards with the Hands Online Membership in 2021. You can buy each session individually (like this product), or the entire library. The Library includes 24 videos in total, and includes horses from a wide variety of breeds, disciplines, and presenting issues.

The Library is available to anyone interested in improving their work with the Masterson Method and their horse. If you have attended a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar or Equine Specialist Course or have enrolled in the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course, we encourage you to also check out the Hands Online Technique Breakdowns Library.

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