Goal: To bypass the Horse’s survival-defense response and connect directly with the part of the horse’s nervous system that holds and releases tension.

The results: This simple yet powerful Technique establishes the basis of communication between you and the horse through touch and response. It puts you both on the same page, sets the tone for the interaction, and relaxes the horse and you.

Applying the Technique

Step 1 – SEARCH • Stand at the horse’s head on the left side. • Place the flats of your fingertips, or cup the palm of your hand above the eye, or on the poll just behind the left ear. • Barely touching the surface of the skin, slowly (it should take about a minute to run your hand from the poll to the withers) run your hand down the bladder meridian.

Step 2 – RESPONSE • As you move your hand/fingers down the meridian watch closely for subtle signs, or responses from the horse.

Step 3 – STAY • As your hand or fingers pass over a spot that causes the horse to respond, rest your hand/fingers over that spot, keeping your hand soft and the pressure light. Stay on that spot, watching the horse’s responses. This may take one second, or one minute. Be patient. Breathe and relax!

Step 4 – RELEASE • When the horse shows a larger response of RELEASE, such as licking and chewing, yawning, shaking the head, snorting, or sneezing repeatedly, then continue down the meridian repeating these steps.

Try the Bladder Meridian Technique with your horse.  Downloadable PDF

For more detailed instruction see page 24 in the Beyond Horse Massage Book.

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