From The Dressage Movements Revealed video: The Value of Bodwork on a Horse

Tightened and shortened muscles are a contributing factor in tendon injuries, which are the most common soft injury in the dressage horse. Dressage Movements Revealed video will give you techniques that will keep your horse supple and sound.

This video uses the foundational techniques from the Beyond Horse Massage video, focusing in on the particular issues of horses used for Dressage.


Dressage Movements Revealed DVD and/or Streaming


Enjoy this 175 minutes, 2 DVD set (or Streaming Option)

A great way to see the movement of a horse in action!  After painting the horse’s skeleton and muscles, we videotaped the movements that exhibit extension, collection, bending, and lateral movement.

Jim shares sport specific Masterson Method bodywork techniques, taught in the foundational Beyond Horse Massage video, to help riders meet the unique demands on the dressage horse.