MMCP Equine Continuing Education Membership

USD $150.00 for 2 years

The MMCP Equine Continuing Education program is a motivational and inclusive program to foster your passion to better serve the horse by encouraging you to seek further education while staying current in your Masterson Method skills and knowledge.

Once you join the program, you will receive the designation on the Find a Certified Equine Practitioner page as a Continuing Education Member.

Your membership lasts for two years, and is renewable every two years. For information on the activities and minimum requirements, please login to the School website and visit the MMCP Equine Continuing Education page under My Resources.


MMCP Continuing Education Activities and Expectations

Here are the types of activities you as an MMCP Equine will engage in when you enroll:

  1. Continuing Education Studies (extra-curricular studies, above and beyond your MMCP certification)
    • Studying Primary Issues (highest priority)
    • Studying Elective Topics (after Primary Issues minimum hours met)
  2. Keeping Current with The Masterson Method (assisting at courses, attending the Gathering, doing demos, etc.)
  3. Regular Masterson Method Bodywork Practice (working on horses regularly)

Each type of activity has specific requirements or expectations. Visit the School/Fieldwork website under My Resources for complete details.

Membership Dues, Timing & Benefits

  1. Membership is $150 for two years, and renewable every two years (as long as you would like to maintain your membership).
  2. As soon as you enroll, we will designate you as a Continuing Education Member on the Masterson Method Find a Certified Equine Practitioner directory.
  3. Your term begins the date you enroll, and your activities will be for the two-year period from your enrollment date (not calendar years). For example, if you enroll April 1, 2024, you submit activities from April 1, 2024 through March 31, 2026. Then you can re-enroll for another two years on April 1, 2026.
  4. You can submit “Continuing Education Studies” (Primary Issues or Elective Topics) from the previous five years, if need be, however your activities “Staying Current with The Masterson Method” and maintaining a “Regular Bodywork Practice” must be within the two-year term of your membership.
  5. We have an online form for you to track activities through out the two years, available on the School website.
  6. You must submit activities by the end of the two-year term.
  7. Additionally, you will be invited to an annual Zoom Call specifically for members.

For the nitty gritty details, please login to the School website and go to My Resources.