I purchased Horse Massage Light to the Core a few months ago and I did not realize what a profound difference it has made for my mare. This has been a missing element that has contributed to the improvement of our relationship. She, being a spirited horse (not to say that is bad, in fact I love it), has calmed down in many ways. Where once just being left alone in a pasture by herself was almost traumatic for her, she is now much more confident and settling in with it. With all her releases through the light touch, though I was aware of some of her issues – poll, front legs, stifles, back, etc -. I am rediscovering them on a another level, seeing the body connection, and am happy to be involved in assisting her to release tension. The Masterson Method is awesome and I will enjoy continuing the journey with it. I thank you and my horse, Savannah, thanks you, too!