The TMJ and a Whole-Horse Approach to Knowledge

Article by Becky Tenges, Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Certification Block 3 Mentor ~ Since becoming certified as a Masterson Method Practitioner and Instructor, I have been on a continuing education quest to become a better bodyworker by learning more about anatomy, biomechanics and possible primary causes of discomfort in my horse clients. For a couple of years I have been watching the teaching schedule of Dr. Kerry Ridgway, a long-time equine veterinarian who takes

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The Science of Bend from the Masterson Method Point of View by Coralie Hughes

The most common complaint, in my experience, that inspires a horse owner to request bodywork concerns the perceived inability of their horse to bend properly.  As a rider and trainer, I know that a rider's incorrect body position alone can make it impossible for a horse to bend properly through the body. However, when I have my body worker hat on, it's my job to think about the horse and not drift into riding

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