The Tense TMJ

Temporal mandibular joint issues can create tension in the poll, and vice-versa says, equine bodywork therapist Jim Masterson. And conversely, pain or restriction in the poll will affect other parts of the body. “Issues in your horse’s body have a way of reflecting in his poll and atlas,” explains Masterson. Therefore, tension and pain he might have from a sore back or compensation for pain in other places - such as the feet -

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Release Overall Tension in Your Horse’s Body with the Bladder Meridian Technique by Jim Masterson

  Where is the Bladder Meridian? In Chinese medicine there are twelve primary acupuncture meridians in the body. The Bladder Meridian is one of the major acupuncture meridians that has a unique effect on balancing the other acupuncture meridians. It runs down each side of the body, about two inches parallel to the topline, then down the side of the hind leg, just off the center line. We use the Bladder Meridian to begin

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Horses in the Morning Interview with Jim Masterson, Feb 22, 2017

On today's show Lisa Wysocky and Jamie chat with Patrick Kayser about the upcoming Southern Equine Expo, Dr. Cubitt explains some nutrition terms, Jim Masterson explains his massage method and we weigh in on mares vs. geldings. Listen in... HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 163:    

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Masterson Method Equine Therapy

Masterson Equine Services announces new pilot program: Masterson Method® Equine Facilitated Therapy Program Specialist Training. The Equine Facilitated Therapy is a growing field, with equine therapy centers offering programming to a variety of clients and incorporating horses experientially to provide clients with physical, mental and behavioral health benefits and therapy. We are excited to announce that we are developing a new specialty within the Masterson Method® brand that will be called, Masterson Method Therapy

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