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The Big Interview, Intelligent Horsemanship, Winter 2017

The Big Interview: Jim Masterson How equine bodywork can help your horse   Intelligent Horsemanship Winter 2017   “It’s Voodoo,” Jim Masterson tells me with a wink, when I ask him how his method – The Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork® – works. He’s joking, of course, but I might have been fooled…

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Horses in the Morning Interview with Jim Masterson, Feb 22, 2017

On today’s show Lisa Wysocky and Jamie chat with Patrick Kayser about the upcoming Southern Equine Expo, Dr. Cubitt explains some nutrition terms, Jim Masterson explains his massage method and we weigh in on mares vs. geldings. Listen in… HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 163:  

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Performance Equine Bodywork, Dressage Today, Feb 2016

Using Masterson Method Techniques To Find and Release Tension In Your Horse’s Body Dressage Today April 7, 2016 Credit: Courtesy Trafalgar Square Books Masterson Method Bodywork is designed to meet the needs of the equine athlete. Body suppleness and the forward reach of the legs—medially (toward the middle of the body) and laterally (outward)—are compromised…

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Withers Wiggle, Anyone? A Two-Finger Exercise Your Horse Will Love

August 18, 2015 by Jim Masterson indicating the scapula and the withers on a horse painted by Susan Harris, the creator of Anatomy in Motion.   Have you heard about the Masterson Method yet? This innovative form of bodywork for horses was created by equine massage-bodywork therapist Jim Masterson. In many cases, all it takes is…

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Absorbine Partnership

Jim Masterson and Absorbine Working Together for The Good of the Horse Absorbine announced their sponsorship of The Masterson Method as an excellent addition to their long tradition of equine wellness. “Jim Masterson and his revolutionary method of equine massage align naturally with Absorbine products and our mission,” says Chris Jacobi, General Manager of the…

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Town-Crier Online: Courses in the Masterson Method In the Area

Town-Crier Online: Courses in the Masterson Method In the Area TALES FROM THE TRAILS Acreage resident Mary Last owns and runs Hands On Equine Services. Horses are her passion, and she’s well-respected in the field of equine massage. Always eager to learn more, she recently took the weekend introductory course in the Masterson Method and…

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Head Shyness, Performance Horse Digest, Vol 7, Iss 11

  Sometimes it’s scary what our horses have to go through! In my experience, 95% of head-shy horses have excessive pain and tension in the poll. Usually by the time it reaches the point of head-shyness, it’s extreme. There are things you can do to help the horse release this tension, but we also want…

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Dressage Movements Revealed

How a horse’s physiology relates to dressage at every level CORALIE HUGHES, JIM MASTERSON AND BETSY STEINER UPDATED: FEB 13, 2017 ORIGINAL: JUL 26, 2014 We are riders of dressage. We think about it, read about it, practice it and dream about it. Maybe we have witnessed a magical dressage performance that appears so effortless…

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The 411 On The TMJ, Barrel Horse News: Dec 2013

THE 411 ON THE TMJ NOVEMBER 13, 2013  NO COMMENTS SHARE   It was the typical one-horse-after-another busy day for Oklahoma veterinarian Mike Sheets, DVM. A longtime client had brought a horse in for an examination. Lately, the seasoned gelding had been breaking in two if his rider pulled on the reins to slow him at…

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