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Leslie Brooks – Long Valley, NJ



( Long Valley, NJ )
This journey started with one special horse & never ends.
Leslie is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist as well as a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner. Her equine Massage & Bodywork company EquiHands serves a wide range of equines from hardworking school/therapy horses to high level competitors.
Leslie's lifelong interest in horses began at a young age, when her grandfather introduced her to a pony named Dan, from that first pony to her treasured horses throughout the years, Sierra, Cocoa & Squeeky, she has never lost her enthusiasm. Although, she has always had a love for horses, she also loves to travel. Her prior career was Director of Sales & Marketing for upscale independent Hotels worldwide. Leslie's interest in a professional career in Equine Massage & Bodywork was inspired by her horse Squeeky which opened her eyes to the field of Equine Bodywork.
In addition to her equine massage & bodywork certifications, Leslie's education includes equine anatomy & biomechanics. She is committed to keeping up to date in this field to support our equine partners' wellbeing. / phone 908 619-3985