Masterson Method Equine Specialist (MMES)


Fieldwork and Certification

Upon completion of the Masterson Method Equine Specialist or MMES course, participants will be given instructions for completing the MMES Fieldwork requirements. Fieldwork assignments are designed to ensure that participants gain practical skills in applying the Masterson Method on a wide variety of horses, including therapy and non-therapy horses.

Fieldwork assignments are designed to ensure that students gain practical skills in applying The Masterson Method on a wide variety of horses, including standard working horses and those serving in EAAT programs. Fieldwork will be standardized for all students and, as may be relevant, may be individualized to further meet the needs and enhance the competence of each participant. Students document their work sessions with horses in their local area, including identifying any challenges which arose and what they have learned and receive written feedback for consideration. When the fieldwork phase is complete, the student will complete an electronic final exam to assess knowledge of the Masterson Method and its use in EAAT settings and their overall readiness for certification.


Fieldwork Requirements

The Masterson Method Equine Specialist Fieldwork phase is only open to students who have completed the Masterson Method Equine Specialist Training. Note that payment for this portion of the MM Equine Specialist Certification does not guarantee certification; successful completion is contingent upon the results of your fieldwork and certification exam.

Fieldwork consists of conducting Masterson Method Bladder Meridian sessions on 7-9 separate horses, and documenting information about the horse’s responses and releases during the session, as well as evaluating your own responses and interpretation of the activity. Once approved by your Mentor, you will then teach someone new to this bodywork how to do the Bladder Meridian and document your reflections on this experience.

You will complete initial fieldwork sessions on 3-4 horses that are not working in an EAAT program and that are relatively physically active. With your Mentor’s approval, you will then complete fieldwork sessions on 4-5 horses that are working in an EAAT program (horses that are in riding, driving or non-riding programs). You will interview each horse owner or program professional to gain information about the horse’s history, current responsibilities and any physical issues. All horses should not have a current illness or injury.

After fieldwork is complete, your Mentor will either authorize you to move on to taking the Online MMES-Level 1 Certification Exam, or discuss with you a recommendation and benefits of conducting some additional sessions prior to proceeding to the online exam.

Your Mentor will provide you with the necessary forms to document your findings and reflect upon each Bladder Meridian session. Email communication is preferred with notes typed into the provided forms. More information will be provided upon registration for fieldwork.