The Master The Method Advanced Home Study Course provides a system of learning that will help you learn on every horse! It is exclusively available to students who have completed our Advanced 5-Day Course in person, and includes demonstration videos, slow-motion Q&A videos with Jim, and tools to improve your practice with deliberate intention and mindfulness.

Whether a seasoned practitioner, in the middle of your Certification Fieldwork, or needing more guidance after the Advanced 5-Day Course, you will improve your sense of feel using this course.

For those considering this course, click on the highlighted lessons below to preview sample lessons, and click here to purchase.

Module 1 Welcome!
Unit 1 Welcome to the Advanced Home Study Course
Unit 2 How to Use This Course
Unit 3 Welcome Video from Jim
Unit 4 Mind the Gap: How to Practice Deliberately
Unit 5 Deliberate Practice Video
Unit 6 Course Resources
Module 2 Practices and Principles of The Masterson Method®
Unit 1 Overarching Principles of The Masterson Method
Unit 2 Basic Order of Techniques
Unit 3 Review Order of Techniques Video
Unit 4 Essentials to Keep in Mind as You Practice
Unit 5 Notes on Softening and Yielding
Unit 6 The Softening Checklist
Unit 7 Softening and Yielding Video
Module 3 Poll/Atlas/Neck Techniques
Unit 1 Bladder Meridian Review
Unit 2 Bladder Meridian Videos
Unit 3 Poll-Atlas-Neck Techniques in Weekend & Advanced Courses
Unit 4 Lateral Cervical Flexion Technique
Unit 5 Lateral Cervical Flexion Videos
Unit 6 Head Up Technique
Unit 7 Head Up Videos
Unit 8 Tongue Release Techniques
Unit 9 Tongue Release Videos
Unit 10 Head Down Technique
Unit 11 Head Down Videos
Module 4 Neck/Shoulder/Withers Techniques
Unit 1 Neck-Shoulders-Withers Techniques in Weekend & Advance Courses
Unit 2 Scapula Release Technique
Unit 3 Scapula Release Videos
Unit 4 Alternative Rugby Scapula Release Technique
Unit 5 Under the Scapula Release
Unit 6 C7 Release Technique
Unit 7 T1 Through Withers Releases (T1 Through T8)
Unit 8 Under Scapula and C7/T1 Through Withers Release Videos
Unit 9 Sternum Roll and Sternum Lift Technique
Unit 10 Sternum Roll/Lift Videos
Module 5 Hind End Techniques
Unit 1 Hind End Techniques in Weekend and Advanced Courses
Unit 2 Hind End Release Points
Unit 3 Sacrum Float
Unit 4 Hind End Points and Sacrum Float Videos
Unit 5 Farrier Position Technique
Unit 6 Hind Leg Down and Forward
Unit 7 Hind Leg Down and Back
Unit 8 Hind Leg Release in an Arc
Unit 9 Hind Leg Yoga
Unit 10 Stifle In/Stifle Out
Unit 11 Hind Leg Release Videos
Unit 12 Hamstring Massage
Unit 13 Groin Release
Unit 14 The Groin and Hamstrings Videos
Unit 15 Accordions Technique
Unit 16 Accordions Videos
Module 6 Back or Midsection
Unit 1 Back or Midsection Techniques in Weekend and Advanced Courses
Unit 2 The Psoas Sacrolumbar (ITP) Release
Unit 3 Lateral Rocking (Lateral Wiggle) Technique
Unit 4 Diagonal Rocking Technique
Unit 5 Dorsal Arch Technique
Unit 6 Diagonal Arch Technique
Unit 7 Full Back Techniques Videos
Module 7 Contraindications
Unit 1 Contraindications
Unit 2 Contraindications Video
Module 8 What Next?
Unit 1 What Next?
Unit 2 Random Thoughts from Jim
Unit 3 Closing Video from Jim
Module 9 Bonus Material: Advanced 5-Day Demonstration Videos
Unit 1 Bonus Video: Lateral Cervical Flexion
Unit 2 Bonus Video: Head Up
Unit 3 Bonus Video: Tongue Release
Unit 4 Bonus Video: Head Down
Unit 5 Bonus Video: Scapula Release
Unit 6 Bonus Video: Alternative Rugby Scapula Release
Unit 7 Bonus Video: Under the Scapula Release - C7 to T1
Unit 8 Bonus Video: Withers Wiggle
Unit 9 Bonus Video: Sternum Roll/Sternum Lift
Unit 10 Bonus Video: Hind End Points/Sacrum Float
Unit 11 Bonus Video: Hind Leg Releases Includes: Farrier Position, Stifle In/Stifle Out and Groin
Unit 12 Bonus Video: Accordions
Unit 13 Bonus Video: Psoas Release
Unit 14 Bonus Video: Lateral Rocking
Unit 15 Bonus Video: Dorsal Arch and Diagonal Arch
Module 10 Advanced 5-Day Full Day Videos
Unit 1 Day 1 (Full Day Sessions)
Unit 2 Day 2 (Full Day Sessions)
Unit 3 Day 3 (Full Day Sessions)
Unit 4 Day 4 (Full Day Sessions)