I am a Masterson Method Equine Specialist. I was very fortunate to have been raised on a farm in rural North Dakota. I was the youngest of 6 and was riding on a pony with my sisters before I could walk. My memories growing up are of spending days in our pastures with our horses. We had a herd of over 40 at times. We raised Arabians and had 4-5 foals each Spring. Along with my sisters, I would work with the young foals. We would do our best to teach them the basics of being handled, leading and being tied. Looking back, I realize they really taught us the basics. We also had many riding horses. We rode for pleasure, around our small town and rural roads. It was a very good way to grow up.

I am also lucky to be married to my high school sweetheart for 31 years. We have raised three boys and have kept horses in our lives. Our middle son was born with special needs. It was during his younger years, when he wanted to ride, that I began to see horses in a new way. The Arabian gelding that would prance and dance when I rode him, was quiet and soft when our son was near. That same gelding became his riding horse. This opened my eyes to a new level of connection that horses offer.

When I talk to friends or people I meet about my love of horses, they either tell me they love horses too – or they tell a story of a horrible horse experience. It has become my goal, with my son and our herd of seven horses & one pony, to bring a positive horse experience to others. There is a group of students from the area alternative school (children with special needs) that come out weekly to be with our horses as well as other friends and family that come often to get some horse time.

I discovered The Masterson Method when one of our geldings started having back issues. I found videos of Jim doing The Masterson Method online and knew I needed to go to the clinic! My son and I went to that first Masterson clinic together. He has gained so much confidence when his horse responds to his touch it is truly priceless. The MMES training for me fits right into what we are doing and what we can offer other equine therapy programs! What a great way to teach others, all ages and abilities, how they can so softly connect with a horse and help them release tension. On a side note, in my life as a fitness instructor, I use the MM concept when I am teaching classes! Now more than ever I cue to “pause & breathe” and “less can be more”! It is good for humans to “stay and wait for the release” too! As for my horse life, my goals have grown. Along with providing a place for humans to have a positive horse experience, I want every horse to have a positive human experience! Masterson Method teaches us just that. Thank you to MMES program (especially to Lise Lunde) for the training that allows us to spread this gift to the horses who give so much to all of us.

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Mayville, North Dakota, United States