Since she was little, Kim has had a great love for all animals, especially horses. She began riding at 5 years old and was soon competing in hunt seat equitation on the flat and over fences. These foundational experiences created a deep compassion and love for horses as sentient beings.

Her professional career began as a Recreational Therapist in 2006. Since then, Kim has been incorporating animals into her therapy sessions – from dogs to dolphins to horses. She observed the profound take away that people experience when learning from and partnering with animals. In 2019, Kim turned to equines as her co-facilitators and earned her PATH certification as a therapeutic riding instructor (CTRI) and then as an equine specialist in mental health and learning (ESMHL). Kim enjoys teaching people to be in the moment, stay curious, and trust your instincts – all things we can learn from our equine partners.

While working for a therapeutic riding center, Kim saw how stressful the work can sometimes be on the equines. Being the researcher that she is, she looked for new opportunities to engage cooperatively with the horses and to help them decompress. That is when she discovered the Masterson Method®. After watching videos and purchasing Beyond Horse Massage, she started exploring the bladder meridian technique with the horses in her life and shared the basic principles of the bladder meridian technique with some of her adult participants during unmounted veteran programs. That interest led her to become certified as a Masterson Method Equine Specialist (MMES).

Kim is now able to facilitate the bladder meridian with clients as a meaningful way to stay present and connect with the equine. Perhaps the most fulfilling piece is being able to provide this bodywork to the horses in EAS programs prior to and after sessions. She hasn’t looked back since and is pursuing her certification as a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP). 

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Westbrook, Connecticut, United States