Want to Host a Light to the Core Seminar?


Hosting a Masterson Method course at your facility is one of the most rewarding experiences you can share with friends, family, and horse lovers from any discipline.

One of our recent hosts wanted us to share her comments regarding the experience of hosting: “An unbelievably lovely group of individuals arrived Saturday, ready to focus on learning these techniques. The instructor was attentive to each student, and the office staff were organized and available to answer my wide range of questions. Even my horses had a spring in their step by the end of the weekend!” – AK

We love collaborating with both new and prior hosts, and look forward to walking you through the application process below.

Photo of students and instructors with horse at course

Hosting Details

We maintain a number of hosting prerequisites to ensure a uniform and high-quality learning experience for students enrolled at any given Light to the Core Seminar-Workshop.

Because we want to ensure your facility is a perfect fit for this type of event, please conduct a self-check when you review our Basic Requirements, Host Benefits, and Collaborative Promotion sections below.

Basic Requirements

  • 12 – 14 Qualified Horses. Horses must be in good condition, have good stable manners, and be available with a nylon or leather halter and lead. Pregnant mares, stallions, and horses under the supervision of a veterinarian or with an acute injury or illness are not qualified to participate in this workshop. Students will work with half of the horses in the mornings, and the other half in the afternoons.
  • Suitable Area to Work. Six or seven stalls (ideally 12×12′ or larger), individual pole paddocks or a large covered arena.
  • Demonstration Area.  A covered arena, large stall no smaller than 12×12′, preferably enclosed on two or three sides such as a wash stall or grooming stall, or a large aisle.
  • Seating for 12-14 People in Demonstration Area. Chairs (one chair per person) or hay bales to sit on during the demonstrations.
  • Lunch Area. A room or area in the barn big enough for people to sit and eat lunch.
  • Transportation. Be willing to pick up our instructor at the airport and deliver them back to the airport after the seminar.
  • Promotion. Help spread the word to potential attendees – we confirm a seminar after the minimum number of students have registered. It typically takes around 4 months to fill.

Host Benefits

  • Horses used during the clinic always appreciate a weekend of Masterson Method® bodywork!
  • Notoriety for you, your business and your facility!  Your event will be advertised in our newsletter, our website, our Facebook page, expos, and at other Masterson events.
  • Your event will be posted on our calendar page with a link to your website.
  • Network with other equine lovers who enjoy mindful approaches to bodywork.

Applies to U.S. hosts only.

Potential for complimentary attendance in the seminar as a student.

* Applicable to U.S. hosts who organize solely without help from the main office.

* Eligible after 7 paid registrants are secured.

Check with your local instructor for any additional benefits they may offer.

Successful completion of this seminar DOES NOT fulfill the prerequisite for our Advanced 5-Day Course; you must take the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar if you wish to go on to the Advanced 5-Day Course.

Collaborative Promotion – Masterson Helps You Promote Your Seminar!

Firstly, we advertise the event on our website, on our Facebook page and our other social media pages, in our newsletter, at expos, and at all Masterson events.

We also create a Custom Host Guide – to support your local advertising efforts. It contains:

  • A customized flyer – for you to print and distribute at your local equestrian clubs, 4H clubs, tack stores, dressage clubs, local stables, etc.
  • A checklist – with ideas of how to spread the word of your seminar, which you can check off as you go.
  • A pre-written press release for you to give to local news media (lifestyle/sports sections), for your website or social media.
  • A social media “how to” easy instruction guide – to invite your friends; same for other social media and search engines.
  • High resolution image files of previous seminars with Jim and the Masterson Method in action – for use on your website, social media, etc.