Found helpful: The format of watching a video and then going out to practice with my horses and then coming back to the follow up video. The video was more helpful than the reading for my learning style because it showed both horses and people in action. The instruction sheets to take to the barn were also very helpful and easier than bringing the whole book along.

Experiences: I have 3 horses and found them to respond to the techniques in very different ways. My gelding had a lot of trouble with my hand on his nose for the lateral cervical flexion work. It gave me good practice in staying soft, keeping my hand on him but not bracing. He was very relaxed with the head down and head up. My pony was stoic – not wanting to show any release. I could feel ripples of energy along her neck while doing the bladder meridian but she couldn’t allow herself to show release. She did some licking and chewing when I moved far away. My mare could hardly stop yawning doing lateral cervical flexion and head up. She released lots of tension in all the techniques around her poll. I need to spend more time on the hind end releases – hard for me to see the head and eyes while working on the hind end and feet.