I have been so blessed. Prior to Jim, I studied Tellington Touch, and acupressure all from books. Of course, I had purchased Jim’s video several months before attending the weekend seminar and had been practicing on my five horses. I started with my number one barrel horse. Before beginning work on him we tracked him and measured his stride, as well as taking videos of his movement at a walk, trot, lope, and run. I followed the same procedure with each of my horses (one who is 24 and had pneumo-pleuritis when he was 5) every two weeks as I continued to work on the horses we followed the same process of videoing and finally after four months we tracked my good barrel horse again and his stride had increased by six inches. Each horse showed a visible difference in their stride and a more fluid ease in movement (even the old man). As I was working on my horses and friends saw the progression and improvement in the fluid movement of my horses they began to ask if I would work on theirs. So, it has developed, one barrel racer telling another and the results have been fantastic. I have about 20 steady people now that have their horses worked on every two to three weeks and I have worked on 83 different horses.