I just wanted to share an experience I had today with a horse that I had never met. Mind you I am not trained, yet, in the MM. I am just experimenting from what the book and video are giving me. I went to look at a horse for a client to see what she can do to help with his diet and other things. I did some palpitations to see where he was sore and then said let me try a few things on him. I did the Bladder Meridian Techniques (BMT), which I had not tried before, and then the Lateral Cervical Flexion. When I was doing the BMT, I got half way down the neck and the horse looked to the right shoulder, (I was on the left), then he would drop his head, then as I got closer to the wither he again looked to the right shoulder. From my previous evaluation, I knew he was having issues with his left hind, so the right shoulder thing made sense. Then when I got to hind hip, he quickly dropped it as if something released. I did a bit of other stuff to his TMJ area and told the owner to step back and give him time to process. He shook his head, and then began to yawn and yawn. He must have yawed 6 times! It was awesome! The more I experiment with the MM, the more I know I need to continue with this work, thank you, Jim