Thanks so much for putting on that wonderful workshop in Indianola, IA. I knew from the moment I read about your work (about a year ago) that it would be enormously beneficial to my horses and I was wanting to do a workshop from the moment I heard about it. It was so dramatic to see the changes in Denny! Hopefully with consistent Masterson Method work, he can change some of his neural pathways from anxiety!!! to calm confidence.

In some ways I found him easier to work on than the other horses because he was so responsive. Some of the quarter horses were more stoic, maybe, not wimpy like thoroughbreds can be… and some of their responses were probably not noticed by me. On the other hand, Denny was a challenge because he was so responsive one had to be extra sensitive. (Always a good thing to learn!)

I hated to leave when the workshop was finished. Such a bunch of lovely people!! But I knew it was going to be dark by the time I got Denny home and the horses always take precedence.

By the way, I find you, Jim to be a wonderful teacher. Besides being clear and concise and helping people find the correct amount of pressure for various techniques, you are fun and humble and natural in your presentations. Wendy was a little worried prior to the workshop – she said: “we’re just regular people…” I guess she was intimidated by the fact that you work on some of the top horses in the nation, I don’t know. I told her not to worry that you would probably be a regular person too! And Yvonne was very pleased to find how nice you were to be around. She said: “who would’ve thought we’d be sitting around chatting and having a beer with him!” It is lovely to be around people who are natural and honest. No wonder the horses like you so well and respond so immediately to everything you do!