Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork: Certification Completion Course

The Certification Completion Course is a three-day course with Jim Masterson.  At this course the student will review, practice and refine all techniques.  The students will then be tested by Jim.

Proficiency in The Masterson Method® techniques will be required to earn a Masterson Method Certification. Those completing Certification will be awarded the title, Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP).

Note:  Participating does not guarantee certification.  You must fulfill all the requirements and be tested by Jim on your techniques to become certified.  You may be asked by Jim to complete more case studies or attend more coaching weekends before being tested out once again.

I can’t tell you the doors your clinic has open for my horses, friends and many new clients. For anyone that has been considering attending Jim’s clinics and schools don’t hesitate. You will be treated with the finest of professionalism, you will learn more then you ever imagined. Each person is given substantial individual instruction and assistance encompassing those that are 40 year horse veterans like myself to the newcomer that is just learning about horses. I have been helping horses each day, and they just keep coming. It is so remarkable to see what a gentle touch, loving hand and watchful eye can do to return an equine athlete to full performance. I thought I was blessed to have 6 horses to work on the first week after the clinic. But, when others saw the difference in those six they just kept on coming. Thanks to Jim I have been able to help 40 some horses to date and I am only able to work in the evenings and week-ends. Jim thanks again.

Crystal Marshall

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We are accredited and approved through the follow organizations:

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Organization (NCBTMB) for Continuing Education Credits (CEC): Weekend Seminar-Workshop: 14 CEC, Home Study Course: 12 CEC, Advanced 5-Day: 32 CEC, Field Work Course: 50 CEC, Certification Completion Course: 21 CEC

International Institute for Complementary Therapists Approved Training Provider

Equine Therapies Association of Australia Approved Training Provider