Renée has been passionate about the health and well-being of humans and animals alike since 1987 with a strong interest in natural modalities. Her love for horses was sparked at a very early age when, as a toddler, her father would hold her on the back of his horse and walk her around. She maintained her connection with horses during her teenage and young adult years via periodic trail rides in Florida and even a 5-day round-up in Nebraska. Her passion for animal well-being is reflected by her decades of volunteer service as a wildlife rescuer, rehabilitater, educator, and conservationist where she has contributed to wildlife and environmental conservation work in Australia, The Republic of Panama, and the US.

Her more recent volunteer work with equine therapeutic riding and equine rescue / rehabilitation stables in Colorado Springs rekindled a connection among her love of horses and her passion for health and natural healing modalities. She knew that pursuing the Masterson Method® in depth was her next path when she observed how the softest touch and intention could lead to such profound releases of tension in therapy and lessons horses as well as rescues.

With a doctorate in clinical pharmacy, bachelor’s in biology, extensive study in the field of nutritional genomics, and post-graduate studies in evidence-based medicine and sustainability, she has developed a robust knowledge base that supports her practice of sound, high-quality and holistic equine bodywork that is based on the latest science and a love for helping others improve their health and well-being. She currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and offers services to clients in the surrounding area.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado , United States