Laura has 15 years of experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner and uses a combination of massage, diet, herbs and craniosacral therapy to treat people at her retreat in Lincolnshire. Her initial reason for learning equine bodywork was to help her own horse, a Cleveland Bay/TB X who developed challenging behavioral issues she was convinced were pain-related. She was drawn to the Masterson Method because it centered on the horse’s participation in the treatment process. This participation and interaction along with the release of physical tension brought about profound changes in her horse and their relationship and she was hooked! She loved treating her own horses so much she decided to qualify as an MMCP.

Laura enjoys working with all breeds and disciplines and loves the many ways MM can help horses from increasing a youngster’s co-ordination and proprioception, improving the movement and athleticism of performance horses or supporting the veteran horse. Developing the horse’s trust is always Laura’s priority and considers the many different elements that support a healthy, happy horse such as diet and environment. Laura is also interested in groundwork training to develop suppleness and the horses’ enjoyment in expression of their unique qualities and movement.

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Spilsby , United Kingdom