…it started with a little girl who dreamt of someday owning a horse like Black Beauty or Artax from “The Neverending story”. It continued with the 10-year-old girl falling in love with riding-school horses, and also with showjumping which she did at an amateur level during her teen years. It developed into a lifelong love and passion for horses – which took an unexpected turn and led to Inese becoming a certified equine bodyworker 23 years later. 


There was, as it often happens, The Horse who was the reason for how it all started. The Horse taught Inese many important lessons, but the most important one, perhaps – how to LISTEN to the horse. Discovering The Masterson Method was the biggest help in developing this skill. Masterson Method gives one access to the WHOLE horse – both its body, mind and soul. 


As Inese learned more, she understood the importance of Whole Horse Approach. There must never be just a single problem to be addressed, we must look at the whole horse. Physical and emotional comfort and well being, teeth, feet, well-fitting tack, balanced nutrition, tension, and pain free body – all of it matters if we want to build a healthy and happy partner and athlete.


The insights from attending several dissection clinics with the world-famous equine veterinary scientist Sharon May-Davis (and her team) were yet another proof that horses can tolerate an incredible amount of pain in their bodies without us even noticing. It’s their natural instinct to hide their ‘weaknesses’ in order to survive. True masters of disguise. 

With Masterson Method we can bypass their natural instincts and get access to deep hidden tension, pain and restrictions. And to be able to help a horse get rid of all that is a wonderful feeling!


Since becoming a certified Masterson practitioner in 2017, Inese has attended many CPD courses – saddle fitting basics, equine biomechanics, podiatry, myofascial release, to name a few – therefore adding more tools to her “toolbox”. 


Inese is particularly interested in fascia and its significant role in the equine locomotion. She’s also interested in rehabilitation and especially in the importance of biomechanically correct movement as a form of therapy.


As a lifelong student, she’s passionate about spreading knowledge as she believes that increased awareness and knowledge among horse owners and professionals is the most important step towards the improvement of the general equine welfare. Inese’s goal is to spread knowledge by organizing clinics and courses with equine professionals from all over the World. 

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