A few years ago, I heard of the Masterson Method® through a good friend. Little did I know it would teach me the beauty of self-acceptance and understanding through the observation of equine behavior. I have struggled with handling my highly sensitive fight or flight response since I was a little kid and I was enlightened with a diagnosis of autism at 21-years-old. Connecting my own responses to the responses I observe in my equine friends, I have developed a deep passion for sharing this with my fellow friends who don’t feel like they fit in with a world built to hide all of our natural sensitivities. I am beginning to integrate this method into Centenary University’s Therapeutic Riding Program where I have been volunteering for over two years. I aim to bring releases of tension and comfort to our school and therapy horses by sharing all I have learned with staff, volunteers, and participants. The Masterson Method is my passion along with spending time at the barn with my horses Libbie and Andy, pursuing my veterinary career at Centenary University, and being a part of Centenary’s Intercollegiate Dressage Association as a first level rider.

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Califon, New Jersey, United States