Sonia is a Registered Nurse and executive leadership coach in partnership with horses. One of her other passions is helping Veterans and First Responders build resiliency and emotional regulation through the powerful connections which can come from partnership with horses.  As part of that work, she began to explore ways to help support her herd of horses as well as the heroes and leaders they serve, which brought her to The Masterson Method®.  

It was one horse in particular who came to her very shut down and was challenged to trust humans. In her attempts to help him, she learned of The Masterson Method, which began her research. Once she learned about the method and began to apply the techniques, she saw a change in her gelding Hank. He relaxed and released around her for the first time! After this, she was of course hooked. She attended a clinic with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid where the idea came to her to also bring this method to her Veterans and First Responders as a way to not only give back, but connect with their equine partner and find their own center within themselves. She was so excited to learn there was a program specifically designed for this type of partnership, and quickly signed up for the Masterson Method Equine Specialist seminar. Now that Sonia is a certified MMES, she hopes to continue her Masterson learning path towards an MMCP certification in the future. 

In addition to her work with heroes and leaders, Sonia also rents out her facility for clinics, wellness retreats, and other activities.  She is available for travel to teach, speak, and practice.

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Stanwood, Washington, United States