True horse listeners understand an equine’s primal need to feel safe. Horses with compromised biomechanics likely struggle to feel safe in their own bodies. In the wild, a horse that shows lameness or weakness is among the first to become prey. When their bodies have issues, nature provides a temporary way for them to survive through compensatory posture and movement. This can lead to a vicious cycle of discomfort and compromised mobility.

My journey with the Masterson Method® began when my horse, a former equine-assisted activities team member, got stuck in a cycle of compensatory patterns. She presented with a “mare-ish” attitude, mystery hind-end lameness, ulcers, and more. Advocating for my horse during her struggles led to a bodywork appointment with a Masterson Method® practitioner. The relaxation that washed over my mare that day was like a magic potion for both of us. As a student of the horse and full-time equine professional for over a decade, I was always seeking out and implementing best practices in all aspects of horse husbandry including nutrition, barn management, horsemanship and hoof care. The Masterson Method® bodywork was the missing puzzle piece for my horse’s quality of life, as well as my own.

Jim’s work is truly transformational and needs to be shared with as many horses as possible. I travel beyond our home base in Virginia’s Blue Ridge to help dedicated equine stewards. If you are in it for the long haul with the horses in your care, I am here for you.

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