My name is Kelly Brown and I want to share a little of my story. 

Horses have always been a part of my life. My dad was a horse trader and so I was constantly riding a new horse.  When I was 8 I asked my dad to buy me a horse that I could keep for my own.  We purchased a 10 month old dun filly and I fell in love. I named her Misty and we had an unbelievable connection. I spent so many days just hanging out with her and when it was time to start riding her my Daddy said you can train her and so I did! 

As I look back I see why her training felt easy – it was because our relationship came first. I had 31 wonderful years with her, she passed away at the age of 32. This childhood horse taught me so much about the importance of relationships, finding the connection that allows you to lead with love. 

I have been blessed to work with some amazing horses in equine-assisted coaching and therapy settings as an EAGALA certified and HOPE certified equine specialist since Nov 2015. I am also trained in the Shepherd Method, a biblically-based equine-assisted learning program. On this journey as an equine specialist I began to see the toll it was taking on the horses, both physically and emotionally being there for the clients day in and day out. I started researching ways to help the horses and I came across the Masterson Method® and I was immediately hooked! I ordered the Beyond Horse Massage and Light to the Core streaming videos, signed up for the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course, and attended the Weekend Seminar, all the while waiting for the opportunity to attend the Masterson Method Equine Specialist Course. 

I attended the MMES course in May of 2023 and after completing my fieldwork I am so excited to say I have officially received my Masterson Method Equine Specialist (MMES) certification. 

Using the Masterson Method techniques on my horses, teaching equine-assisted coaching and therapy clients as well as volunteers how to give back to these special horses who give so much, is not only incredibly effective for the horses but also to my soul. It blesses my heart to see the connection unfold as I work with each horse, seeing the releases and then the relaxation that follows! It’s like having a conversation where no words are needed. It’s a connection you can only experience first hand! I am so grateful for the opportunities to give back to the horses and to help others find the connection their hearts have been longing for through the gift of touch. Leading with love one horse at a time. 

Contact Information
Cliffside, North Carolina, United States