I am a Masterson Method Equine Specialist and currently training to become a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner as well. My horse story starts when I was eight years old, with my calf Pokey and I jumping hay bales together, followed by my first horse purchase, Buck, when I was in fifth grade – using the money I saved working on our family farm. In 2001 the direction of my life changed drastically when I had a conversion experience with Jesus Christ. Soon after, I heard the story of Kim Meeder, who started Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch for at-risk kids. I was hooked on the idea of therapeutic riding. With it, I found a way to share my love of horses with other people. In 2012 I received PATH’s Registered Riding Instructor certification. Shortly thereafter, we started a ministry working with a small group of volunteers and participants at our property near Sherrill, Iowa. This past summer, my veterinarian recommended that I check into The Masterson Method to see if it could help my horse with an unexplained soundness issue. After treatments, my husband and I were amazed at the responses, improved movement and attitude of my horse, Job. So the story continues with another piece of the puzzle put into place with The Masterson Method Equine Specialist certification. Our horses work hard for us, both physically and mentally, and they deserve the best that we can do for them. So it is really exciting to get started, helping therapy center horses and their participants.

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Sherrill, Iowa, United States