Photo of Christine Akey Snider with a horse.
“How do I step into your world?”

That is the question that the Masterson Method solved for me.

I’m thrilled to be a certified Masterson Method Equine Specialist and look forward to assisting both horses and humans.

I’m passionate about the relational connection we make with the horse while providing physical improvement, and neurological/mental improvement.

I’ve seen the results!
– enabling horses to retain and regain physical and athletic attributes
– establishing a comfortable and confident demeanor, improved peaceful attitude
– creating a beneficial relationship between human and horse with positive outcomes for each other

Pictured is my heart horse is PrimeTime, who has been my companion and friend for 26 years now.
Thank you to those who have generously instructed, mentored, hosted, offered fieldwork opportunities, and your support – these efforts are improving the world for many.

Please feel encouraged to embark on this healing journey with me.

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