Are you interested in making the best use of your time indoors and learning more about The Masterson Method®? We’ve created a multi-tiered Membership program where people can learn, explore, discuss and practice The Masterson Method®. Jim is committed to making learning accessible to anyone who wants to help their horses with this powerful, yet simple approach to equine bodywork.

Ultimately the hands-on-hands learning you receive at a course or workshop is best, but when things like time… money… global pandemics… prevent you from getting to a course, there are things you can learn online and practice at home that will help you get better every month. Until you can get to a hands-on-hands course, Hands Online is the next best thing. 

And Hands Online is not only for newbies! Fieldwork students and certified practitioners will benefit greatly from watching Jim work, asking questions and learning about bodywork-related topics with MMCP experts around the world.

Message From Jim

Visit the Masterson Education site to learn more and register for the level of Membership that suits you best!