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Cathy Schreiber, MMCP

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  3. Cathy Schreiber, MMCP
Tucson, Arizona, United States

My experience with The Masterson Method® began when I met Lisa Haldane and she was looking for horses for coaching. I then began hosting MM 2-Day, 5-Day, and CCCs here at many local barns in Tucson, AZ. I was so amazed with the practical approach and clear results of MM as horses released tension and improved mobility.

The certification process was slow for me due to a busy horse career teaching and training. The hosting provided a unique opportunity to meet and observe many MM Instructors, and of course Jim, and students using MM techniques to help all these lucky horses. The Masterson Method® totally fits with my teaching style and purpose in the horse business: “Reading the horse and improving quality of movement”.

I am forever thankful to Jim, all the instructors, and the horses who have taught me how to use this gift.

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Phone: 520-272-3355