I received your DVD two days ago and watched it immediately! I came across some video clips of the Masterson Method online and was very intrigued. After watching the DVD yesterday, I put the information to work on our four year old QH performance gelding. It was jaw dropping how text book his reactions were! He loved the ‘head up’ exercise. Today I worked on all three of our other QH’s. We have an extreme bracing QH mare. She has been off in her right hind for over a year, after a stall kicking incident. I believe she was unable to fully heal because she is so tight and bracing. After an hour with her today, she was putty in my hands! I free lunged her and she was the most relaxed I have ever seen her. Neck out and stretched, blowing, snorting, shaking her head, and best of all, stepping up deep behind and no shortness!!

I am so excited about this new way of helping release stress from my horses!! I can’t wait to learn more and practice more!