I wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks to the Masterson Method organization for the marvelous weekend clinic we just had in Dade City, FL. You must hear this all the time – but it was “simply the best”.

Although I came to the table (or I guess I should say “stable”) with minimal equestrian knowledge, I was welcomed and made to feel like a valued member of the learning process throughout the weekend. I felt very fortunate, especially at this VERY early stage in my learning, to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from the founder (although I’m sure, with the comprehensive certification you have, any of your certified instructors are impressive), as well as the added bonus of meeting and working with Lee, Sue and Yvonne. Jim’s quietly assured manner and openness, allowed me to feel at least a tiny bit confident in applying the methods, and the immediate responses from the horses were encouraging as well. It was really nice having so many helpers available, so you could either have a turn with one of them supervising, or at least always being at an arm’s reach away when we needed help. Dr. Peggy’s barn was such a warm and welcoming spot as well. Her horses provided both stability and a challenge.

Please pass along my thanks, Nancy, to Jim for allowing the program to be available to interested novices. Although I have a pretty lengthy background of human massage therapy (even including a former training clinic in Equissage), I am an admitted newcomer to the equestrian world. Had the prerequisites been too demanding, I would have lost heart about entering the field. Sort of like the old dilemma “How are you supposed to gain any experience, when ‘prior experience’ is required to get a job?” As it is now, I came home from my weekend Masterson Method course with renewed interest and inspiration to learn further.