It has been a very busy summer so far AND I wanted to share with you how powerful this work has been for the horses that I have been able to work on. I am currently in Seattle WA teaching with Connected Riding founder Peggy Cummings. I have done three sessions on her new Trakaener and her older mare which is an Irish TB, and several other horses. Peggy said that Masterson Method is the first body work where she has seen the most releasing of tension! She wants to come to a week long with Jim. I cannot imagine what life was like before I had the tools provided by Jim’s work. It completely compliments TEAM and Connected Riding. I am not sure when I will actually get to the formal case study part. I can see myself coming to another training before that so that Jim can see the work I am doing. It is difficult for me to put it all on paper into words. Once I get through this summer I can figure out how to go about moving forward with formal certification…until then I will just do the work!

Be prepared for an influx of TEAM pracs and Connected Riding folks to come knocking at your door!