I started your method before the book/DVDs arrived. You were on The Horse Show with Rick Lamb when I first saw you. I had forgotten about your method and your name reappeared on My Horse Daily a short while back so, I visited your site and watched ALL your videos. I went out to the barn and tried a few of them at the hitching rail with Mac and I was surprised at all the reactions I got from him. Never thought he was that tense. I repeated them almost daily for a week or so then ordered your book/DVDs.

We are active in ACTHA and 8/31 had gone to an event and there was a mini horse drawn carriage event going on at the same venue. Mac was beside himself over the horse eating carriages. Every time they came into view he tensed up. The next day at our home barn I did your method on him and and no sooner did I start he just released for about 10 minutes non stop. I didn’t want to interrupt him. I’d wait a few minutes he’d settle a bit I’d walk up to him and he’d start another release. The next day he was back to normal for him with his releases. We were at a 2 day ACTHA event last weekend and I plan on working on him tomorrow. Today he just seemed too tired. I’ve gotten to Tech. 2: Head Down so far.