I just attended the Mequon, WI weekend seminar taught by Stefanie Reinhold and have been working on my own horses at home (all 4). I think I’m hooked! I just registered for the 3-day seminar in North Carolina in October. Also enrolled in the Eqinology on line anatomy course. If you recall, I had the black mare in the clniic who was very reactive and we did the saddle fit check on her. I did more investigating and, just as I suspected, the tree is too wide. Fortunately, my saddle fitter is a personal friend and if he can’t make enough tree adjustment in my saddle, he has a used one that seems to fit her very well. So many pieces to this puzzle

Anyway, again want to thank you for such a great clinic. I think what I am learning will be one of the most important things I can do for my horse’s welfare.

And as an update, I did meet with my saddle fitter, George Gullickson, and we refit my mare with a different saddle, narrower tree. (Because the tree of my saddle was too wide, my horse was experiencing extreme pressure points in the withers area from the saddle sitting too low there.) She has gone from tail-swishing and trying to reach back and bite my leg when I mounted her to standing quietly and walking off contently with the different saddle. I believe this is another example of the importance of listening to your horse – they will tell you.) Not to mention that the front leg extension at the walk probably increased by about 15% in stride length.