I have just returned home after attending a 2 day seminar-workshop of Jim Masterson’ Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork. I had accidentally stumbled across this website very recently and had a light-bulb moment, thinking this could just possibly enhance my communication with my horses. I was particularly taken with the approach that it is the horse that communicates responses to what the practitioner offers through the lightest of touches – rather than imposing a blistering massage at full throttle, irrespective of what the horse may or may not be feeling!! I’ll be honest, I am an enthusiastic amateur with only a few years experience under my belt, so I didn’t want to take on a course that I would have to go to university to qualify to do the first phase, I wanted to test the waters as such before committing! So I blithely ordered the DVD to give myself half a chance of understanding what it was all about prior to enrolling on the seminar. I found Jim’s easy and fluid approach conducive to learning. He instils confidence to get going and use the techniques. I was astonished at the immediacy of the results on the equines, horses don’t lie! It takes as long as it does, the horse decides when he is ready to relinquish the tensions that can and do manifest themselves in all sorts of hidden ways, and I genuinely believe that this is a non stressful way to alleviate any discomfort that is or has been previously experienced and held in the body. Jim’s powers of observation on horses subtle reactions are a really invaluable new vocabulary for me and I certainly feel confident upon my return home to continue with the Masterson Method on my own with my three hunter-jumper-dressage horses. It also is a very pleasurable way of communicating via touch with your beloved horse, both parties gain from the experience and I am sure that it cements a greater bond of understanding and trusting connection between two species. I have already decided that I would like to learn more in greater depth and know that I will be returning to do the next phase. I just wish that I had known about this so much earlier. I thoroughly enjoyed how we were taught, the pleasant, non-competitive atmosphere throughout the course, the availability of help whether directly from Jim or any one of his trained assistants, I never felt for a moment that I couldn’t do what I was shown. I thought when I read the website initially, how brilliant that someone out there is aware of what the horse feels and can translate the various reactions to touch stimuli, thereby enabling and enhancing an ongoing communication with great benefits to overall equine good health both physically and mentally……….this introduction course greatly exceeded what I had hoped I would learn and gain from it. You cover a lot of ground quickly and easily on this seminar and out of all the courses and modalities advertised and available to us, I would really advocate going on this one. You certainly get exceptional value for your pennies! Bravo Jim and thank you.