This guy is GOOD!!! I spent the weekend with him and learned so much!! He does simple things to release huge amounts of stress. Horses love him. It the same sort of thing I get from my great manual therapists, not massage as in rubbing on muscles.

He is funny and not ego based, and is easy to learn from. I am going to get certified in his Method. I highly recommend a weekend with him….you will get some tools that are powerful. You would get gobs of info from just the 2 days. I personally am going to do the full program, but I don’t have a bodywork practice to add this to. Jim’s method will form the basis of my hands-on practice. My goal is to to do a combo of hands on and shamanism for horses here in AZ a day or two a week. I have been browsing teachers and programs, mostly with disappointment. But this guy is GOOD!