Preparing for Your Upcoming Masterson Method Course

Are you attending a Masterson Method® course? Terrific! Here is what you need to know to prepare. Please read thoroughly.


Selecting Your Practice and Learning Station

  • A quiet area, free from distractions.
  • A room with a door or areas of your home that can be gated.  This will allow your dog to move about without leaving the area.
  • Avoid backlit lighting, such as a window behind you.
  • A light shining toward you is ideal.


Dog Equipment

Using a simple dog collar will be helpful to keep your dog close by when practicing the different techniques.

Prong collars, choke collars, muzzles, or body harnesses are not appropriate dog equipment during classes.  These types of gear make it difficult to read the responses from the dog and may prevent the dog from fully responding to the techniques.


Technical Requirements for Students:  

  • The Zoom platform will be used for online courses.
    • It is a free video conferencing tool.
    • While Zoom can be accessed through a web browser, we recommend downloading it to your device.  
  • A device with a camera, speaker, and microphone.  
  • Hardware requirements:
  • Stable, high-speed internet connection.
  • High quality video or camera configuration so the instructor can view students working with their dog.
    • Most computer cameras are sufficient.
    • Depending on your workstation, you may choose to use an external webcam with tripod; moving a webcam might be easier than moving a monitor if you choose to work on the floor with your dog.
  • To prevent an echo, you may choose to use headphones with a microphone, such as phone headphones, earbuds, etc.
  • We recommend students log into class 15 minutes early for the first class to ensure their video and audio is working properly.  Courses start on time and we do not want you to miss any instruction.


Students should have a working knowledge of Zoom:

  • How to join a meeting.
  • How to mute/unmute audio.
  • How to turn on/off video.
  • How to use chat features to communicate with the Zoom Administrator.
  • How to change your name in your Zoom meeting.


Only the basic Zoom knowledge is needed. If you are not familiar with how to use Zoom, there are many tutorials found using an internet search.  Below are links to get you started:


All students must respect the following policies:

  • No solicitation of business is to be done prior, during, or after the class. You are participating as a student to learn The Masterson Method®. Please do not share business cards or make arrangements for canine services with other students during the class
  • Only those who have demonstrated proficiency and completed The Masterson Method Canine Certification Program may use The Masterson Method® name and logo. Use of The Masterson Method name and logo by others to promote any professional services is an infringement on trademark rights.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us.