Click the images below to see who Jim Masterson is collaborating with around the world!

Mark Rashid

Mark working with a horse at liberty in a round pen.

Mark Rashid is focused on developing internal and external softness, and how the principles of softness can help deepen your connection to your horse.

Crissi McDonald

Photo of Crissi McDonald with a horse at liberty

Crissi McDonald works with all kinds of horses and their people, sharing and exploring the principles of softness. She is also a writer and photographer!

Dr. Stephen Peters

Brain Science
Steve standing with a horse in the pasture.

Dr. Peters is a horse brain researcher and collaborates with Jim and other clinicians, sharing about the equine brain and implications for training and/or bodywork.

Jillian Kreinbring

Functional Anatomy
Photo of Jillian Kreinbring

Jillian Kreinbring is focused on what is healthy for ridden horses and how the horse’s functional anatomy creates dynamic riding posture.

Callie Rae King

Riding, Training & Horsecare
Photo of Callie with a horse

Callie Rae King is the founder of HorseClass, an international online education platform partnering with top instructors in different areas of horsemanship.

Jec Ballou

Equine Fitness
Photo of Jec with hands on horse's back

Jec Ballou helps riders focus on equine fitness—ease of movement, body balance, and flexibility—in a way that allows the horse to do what it should, rather than forcing.

Josh Nichol

Josh on a horse roping cattle.

Josh Nichol combines a deep understanding of the needs of horses, movement dynamics, human behavior and more. He offers live clinics, online webinars, mentorship and practicums.

Daniel Dauphin

Daniel wearing cowboy hat with saddled horse.

Daniel Dauphin helps horse owners fulfill the ideal leadership role, in the horse’s mind, acclimating the horse to pressure, and teaching them to properly respond to pressure.

Josh Milburn

Equine Dentistry & Hoofcare
Josh standing with a horse performing equine dentistry.

Josh Milburn is a registered Natural Balance equine dentist and farrier in the UK offering forward-thinking dentistry and hoof care. Josh also does equine bodywork.