I would like to point out that although you primarily work with sport horses, your program works equally well for horses that are pets and trail horses. I have a Paso that used to be quite a spook. When I started doing the Masterson Method with him it made a tremendous difference in his attitude and relaxation. He has gotten to be quite the excellent trail horse and I credit the massage techniques, in part, with my ability to turn him into the wonderful horse he is now. Before I teach him something new, I make sure he is stretched and relaxed, then he can learn better. He loves it when we have spa day.

Thank you. I hope that others will try your methods and realize that they are not just for elite horses but that all horses can benefit.
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Susan NewtonBooks and DVDs

Thank you, Jim, for such a wonderful experience at the seminar this past weekend at Stanford. Even though I got frustrated with myself many times in trying to apply what I understood from watching your demonstration, I learned so much more than what I saw on the DVD.

The DVD is absolutely wonderful, but one cannot really “get it” until one gets hands-on instruction. I am so eager to learn more…and to record your one-liners. ha ha.

Thank you again… I love this kind of work…it’s the most exciting, soulful, gentle massage work I have ever come across. Exceedingly grateful.
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Sharon AndersenBooks and DVDs

I only got your book a few days ago and started to work on one of my horses, Cushings and IR, 16 y old, with lots of tension all over his body. I can’t even count the many different people who have worked on him to no major avail. It was absolutely amazing how this horse released over and over, and how much better he used his front legs after only this one session.

Another large gelding, 9 y old, always had trouble going downhill, it was very uncomfortable for him, not a good thing when you live in Vermont. Again, he had many professionals working on him and he did get somewhat better but never normal.
I did not have much time, so I just realized where I knew he had problems, and he went downhill 90% improved.

Today again I spent about 20 minutes with him, then took him on 2 hour long ride with lots of hills, he felt totally normal. His muscles in the troubled areas are still sore to touch, but he now has the freedom to use them properly. I still have to pinch myself that this is really true. I have 5 horses, so I will get to work on the others. Will let you know if I encounter further amazing changes.

Thank you so much for making your method available.
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Heike BeanBooks and DVDs

I learned a great deal and was able to apply the techniques you taught right away. One of my stallions has been showing irritation and discomfort in his poll and TMJ, and he is already much softer and more relaxed after using your techniques. My trainer who specializes in developing correct movement watched on my laptop in the barn, and I had to turn it off together in the arena with the horse as she was so enthralled!
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Rachel SalandaBooks and DVDs

Ease tension, loosen muscles and increase your horse’s performance with the Masterson Method of Equine Massage. Certified in equine-sports massage and equine-cranial therapy, Jim Masterson shows viewers 24 specific techniques to address muscular tension, spasms and scar tissue in his new DVD release, Equine Massage for Performance Horses. The 75-minute program details Masterson Method, which combines acupuncture, neuromuscular release, stress-point massage, and stretching and flexing. By using the four keys: search, response, stay and release, Masterson help you recognize eight neuromuscular responses of the horse to your touch and how to use those to find and release accumulated stress deep in your horses connective tissues and muscles. By focusing on central-nervous-system treatments, Masterson shows you ways to improve performance; increase mobility and range of motion; free up your horse’s poll, neck, shoulders and lower back to improve jumping, bending and stopping; and how to use touch and the horse’s response to open communication with your horse.

Step-by-step procedures, well-placed illustrations and computer animation ensure viewers and their horses will reap the benefits of the Masterson Method.
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Bunkhouse ReviewsBooks and DVDs

I just received your DVD and book in the mail yesterday and watched part of the DVD that covered the Bladder Meridian Technique. I tried it on my horse today and was absolutely amazed by the results. He is a recently retired racehorse that I just got 10 days ago. Unfortunately, he has a nasty habit of trying to bite when you touch him. After performing just a portion of the Bladder Meridian Technique, he was yawning and stretching. His whole demeanor seemed to change. He allowed me to approach him without pinning his ears back and was quite receptive. No biting! I can’t wait to try it again tomorrow. I now feel that we are going to be alright together.

Thanks so much.
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Anne CelnerBooks and DVDs

I have started the process of getting my horse used for the massage. I began just as in the video and will continue each body part as suggested. I have only gotten to the part that explains massaging his poll with head down. I am working on doing it without a halter. I move the process slowly so he feels that I am doing for him, not to him.

Today he allowed me to bring his head down and massage his poll for the 2nd time. This time his eyes softened and I continued for a few minutes, then stepped back and he shook his head just like in the video! I have used the beginning massage each time. Today when I was riding, he felt like butter. He even offered to stretch his top-line in a lovely, buttery canter. I know this helps him to be loose from front to back already. I can’t wait to progress through the video to see how this helps him move. Thanks for your DVD!
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Linda SteinbergBooks and DVDs

This 2-day weekend was incredible! It brings the DVD & Book alive. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn to take the 2-Day seminar. I have learned so much and had so much fun.

Nichole JohnsonBooks and DVDs

My mare has been at Texas A&M for 2 months with complications from colic surgery. She is doing great! I do the bladder meridian on her to relax and comfort her. Obviously, she loves it. Her name is Bella Romanza and she was in ICU for six weeks but we expect a full recovery! I’m so grateful I was able to do something for her while she was laid up. She LOVES the bladder meridian.
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Faith DuncanBooks and DVDs

Just wanted to say, thank you! Spent about an hour doing your ‘Bladder Meridian’ technique with Bea, this am. Only, progressed to six or seven inches, below her ears. Short intervals and small let downs and then a whopping one. So, I stopped.This is her an hour later. She has NEVER slept with her head on the ground. She always slept with her chin bent under her, nose in the ground.

Wonderful demo and looking forward to attending a clinic in the future. Thank you again.
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Cody BronkBooks and DVDs