I purchased Horse Massage Light to the Core a few months ago and I did not realize what a profound difference it has made for my mare. This has been a missing element that has contributed to the improvement of our relationship. She, being a spirited horse (not to say that is bad, in fact I love it), has calmed down in many ways. Where once just being left alone in a pasture by herself was almost traumatic for her, she is now much more confident and settling in with it. With all her releases through the light touch, though I was aware of some of her issues – poll, front legs, stifles, back, etc -. I am rediscovering them on a another level, seeing the body connection, and am happy to be involved in assisting her to release tension. The Masterson Method is awesome and I will enjoy continuing the journey with it. I thank you and my horse, Savannah, thanks you, too!

Karen Healey

Just purchased and watched the Beyond Horse Massage DVD and let me just say, ‘Wow’! Now I know how to help my horses! I have Standardbred racehorses and a couple of saddle horses that are going to LOVE these techniques! Thanks so much for putting the knowledge of helping horses in such an easy to understand format. Will let you know how they do once I have a chance to put what I’ve learned to use! Oh, I also have the book, so I can take it along and review what I need to do to help my ponies.

Michelle Lagerquist

If you care about your horse’s health and want to improve your relationship with your horse, read this book!

Vintage Homeschooler – Amazon Testimonial

Immediate results with my Horse. He has had so many BIG Releases that I thought he was convulsing, especially when his ears rolled back, his neck stretched out, his tongue stuck out and his head nodding and shaking. Found out that this is a very big release for my horse. Poor guy! He must have had some serious pain issues! These techniques truly work well!!! My horse loves me now, and tells me more about his ouchie spots. He
is no longer biting like he used to do. Now I understand why he was biting! He had so much pain! Poor guy. He is so much more calm and relaxed after I work with him using many of Mr. Masterson’s techniques. Got both the DVD and Book.

Falcon5010n – Amazon testimonial

This book saved my relationship with my latest competition Dressage horse. After purchasing this wonderful, sensitive, young warmblood, she was so frightened and lost her self-confidence to the point of being dangerous. She routinely reared, pulled back and fell over backwards. She destroyed my trailer and wouldn’t even canter. One rainy day I spent several hours in her stall calming her and using the Masterson technique on
her. This was the turning point in everything. She became so relaxed and trusting of my touch that she started to open up and seek comfort in me. I revert back to this technique whenever I need to calm her and before and after a strenuous show. The HORSE does all the work of targeting and relaxing key points of tightness. It is magical to watch. Anyone can do it because it does not require any more technique than just patience and
an open, listening mind.

Barbara – Amazon testimonial

Works like magic. ~ Kathy K

Kathy K

Masterson Method works! My horses will agree. The book is super clear in its instructions and together with the videos (which you can watch on YouTube) cover pretty much all the points you might not quite understand or have questions about. My relationship with my horse has turned a  corner this is exactly what I have been looking for…. a non invasive but effective means of communication with my horse that
offers him the chance to trust me and release tension.

Amazon Testimonial

Super book so simple to follow for any owner to do basic maintenance on their horse.
I’m inspired by this technique and its affect on my horses, so much so I’m now studying
toward practitioner status! How did that happen?!

Amazon Customer

“The proof is in the pudding… the method works! The book and video are clear and
simple to follow. If your horse has chronic muscle tension either from old injuries, habit
or some other cause, this is the method to try. The results are excellent.”
~Joan McLaren

Joan McLaren

It was the final steps that brought the book and the video together. Each of those are excellent as a stand alone, but my effectiveness would not be complete without hands-on learning.

Diane KoshtWeekend Seminar