The 5-Day course really puts you in a different league compared to the weekend course. The weekend is a great foundation, but the 5-day has added so much to my knowledge base.

Rusty HamerAdvanced 5-Day Student

Excellent follow-up to the weekend seminar. The new techniques learned were well worth the cost and time.

Jim CulverAdvanced 5-Day Student

It has been a very busy summer so far AND I wanted to share with you how powerful this work has been for the horses that I have been able to work on. I am currently in Seattle WA teaching with Connected Riding founder Peggy Cummings. I have done three sessions on her new Trakaener and her older mare which is an Irish TB, and several other horses. Peggy said that Masterson Method is the first body work where she has seen the most releasing of tension! She wants to come to a week long with Jim. I cannot imagine what life was like before I had the tools provided by Jim’s work. It completely compliments TEAM and Connected Riding. I am not sure when I will actually get to the formal case study part. I can see myself coming to another training before that so that Jim can see the work I am doing. It is difficult for me to put it all on paper into words. Once I get through this summer I can figure out how to go about moving forward with formal certification…until then I will just do the work!

Be prepared for an influx of TEAM pracs and Connected Riding folks to come knocking at your door!
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Laura Faber-MorrisAdvanced 5-Day Student

The course was intense and learned so much, gained skill and confidence but still had fun.

Linda FreaseAdvanced 5-Day Student

Perhaps the most intense and successful learning experience I have had! My confidence grew as the week progressed as a result of such great, non-judgmental feedback. We had so much fun as well.

Sue BairdAdvanced 5- Day Student

You always walk away rewarded. No greater feeling then to know you were able to help without force. To know that the slightest/lightest touch can make a world of difference.

Stacey CollinsAdvanced 5-Day Student

Its a tremendous amount of information introducing in a clear and effective way. A plethora of ‘AHA!’ moments that make me terribly impatient to get home and try on my rescues! You’re helping me change lives.

Kelly McGovernAdvanced 5-Day Student

I was so impressed with the level of organization, the quality of printed materials, the presentations by Jim, the supervisions by certified instructors, the patience of the horses and attention to their well-being, the well-kept and safe facility and the upbeat attitude of all involved. As an educator of students of many ages and skill levels your organization is tops. I cannot wait to share some of what I learned with my equine chiropractor who will be in our barn later this week. He, himself, was envious that I was able to be in Fairfield.
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Betsy BobenhouseAdvanced 5-Day Student

I am more than happy to recommend studying the Masterson Method personally with Jim. I did make the long trek from Australia last June and will be returning to the UK next June for certification. I am a professional Equine Therapist and was achieving good results with what I had learned from Jim’s book and DVD, however, when I went to the UK to train with him, my work was taken to a whole new level. Jim was able to show me subtleties that cannot be obtained from a book or DVD and his teaching style is very down to earth and enjoyable and the results speak for themselves. It is a huge investment to travel internationally to attend such a course but I absolutely have no regrets. My business picked up immediately upon return from the UK and has been steadily growing all by word of mouth ever since.

The fact that I have traveled overseas in pursuit of furthering my skills and education has been attractive to clients, and they have told me so, as well as setting me apart from other practitioners in my field and area. So that was an unexpected bonus. Hopefully, this helps you in your decision.
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Toni Horsley

Excellent method, great atmosphere, wonderful instructors. I can definitely recommend it to anybody wishing to help horses.

Beata FilonowiczAdvanced 5-Day Student