If you’re able to take the time to attend this (Advanced 5-Day) Course, you will never regret it. It will open your eyes and your heart beyond what you can imagine, to all of the horses you engage with, while providing a deeper level of communication and connection!


If you want to connect better with people and horses, this is a way to do it!

Advanced 5-Day Course Student

Thank you so much for the quality that makes the Masterson Method® courses so special! I am a believer in the benefits of the Masterson Method principles and techniques and am so grateful to be on this journey!

Advanced 5-Day Course Student

The Advanced 5-Day course will abundantly advance your knowledge of the Masterson Method®. It is the difference between knowing about MM and *understanding* it. It is worth every cent and every second of the time you will spend.


It’s a very friendly and soft yet very powerful method that helps the horse to soften on a deep level and to return to movement from the little muscles around the spine instead of the bigger movement muscles. I have seen huge improvement when the method is applied working together with chiropractic/craniosacral adjustment/treatment. With some time in between, of course. Love it!

Karianna van Ruth

5 Good Reasons That You Should Attend an Advanced 5-Day:

It will increase your confidence in handling horses

You will get a better understanding of how a horse thinks

It will make you look at yourself as to your affect and approach

You will make a new friends from all over the world!

You will be challenged, no matter what level of experience and go home knowing that you learned something

Crystal Lode

After the Weekend Course, I was excited to be able to work on my horses and get releases.  After the Advanced 5-Day, I now feel I can perform all the techniques, recognize all the different types of releases and figure out what techniques to use to release specific restrictions.

Mary Godfry

This advanced course is unique in equine massage and bodywork education in offering structured technique instruction, flexible and open enough to keep intuition alive.

Adelheid EbenhoechAdvanced 5-Day Students

If you loved the 2-day course, hang onto your hats because the 5-day course will blow you away!

Kelly JeffersonAdvanced 5-Day Student

After the two day seminar you have an idea how to improve the condition, problems, or tension in the horse – it’s really helpful! The five day seminar goes deeper and you get a lot of information about how you are able to find the problem areas of the horse. You get lots of experience to work with several horses during the five day.

Margit DuelgerAdvanced 5-Day Student